30 August 2016

How To Make BREAD OMLETTE Indian railway style #FINEDININGINDIAN

For bread omelette you need bread , egg, chopped onion,chopped tomato,green chilli, curry leaf,oil.. Toast bread first so that it prevents from getting soaked in egg mixture. beat egg and mix all chopped vegetables check seasoning dip bread and pan fry with sprinkling spoonful of oil. cook till the egg is cooked. i love eating the proper good bread omelette while traveling by Indian Railway.

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11 August 2016

Recipe for Sea trout confit and torched | ginger soy | squid ink | lightly pickled girolles and seaweed

400 gm seatrout

for Curing
100g muscavado sugar
100g maldon salt
2g grated kaffir lime zest
50g kikkoman soy sauce

For confit
200g clarified butter
20g kaffir lime leaf
Lightly pickled vegetables
20g fresh girolles mushrooms
4no. baby radish
20g  salted irish moss seawed
40g celery sliced

8 August 2016

HOW TO Survive and cook fantastic Healthy meal when living alone - Bachelors Cuisine

All of u gone through or going through this face when we struggling find a solution having a good meal with out breaking our wallet.

Recently i have to face this situation when my family have to travel before me for a holiday back home India.

I'm not a person who is very keen to dine out often one being the money you have to pay for the value you get . When you pay for a decent gourmet burger around 20$ . You can cook a best meal as per your liking for lunch and dinner.I got hooked with the idea of one pot cooking or one starch one protein cooking

My idea of food always revolve around fresh , simple and light food.

My wife loves traditional south Indian parboiled rice. For me its too heavy . We south Indians tends to eat more sort of this rice pretty much all lunch and dinner No wonder you can spot a south Indian man with a small pot belly.